To the Unsung

Can’t help but notice a sort of nauseatingly positive theme in some of these topics. This one seems particularly odd–why should I post this info here instead of, you know, actually TELL the person? It’s not covert aggressive but it does feel vaguely…subtweety.

Anyway, I’ll switch off crab mode and take a real swing at it.

So, anyone who’s ever just had to use what Deadpool would call ‘Maximum effort!’ to just show up? You’re great. I’m talking to the not bendy guy next to me in yoga class, who shows up week after week, still not able to touch his toes, whose ujjayi breath is more like a waterbuffalo in distress. You’re not bendy, you’re not that girl in front of us, with her clear gymnastics background (look at how she sticks her butt out in serious lordosis when she raises her arms over her head) getting fawned on by all the yoga instructors about how great her backbends are.

You never get told how great your backbends are. But you show up, you do the work. You do it, because unlike Gymnast Butt (who is going to suffer severe issue when she’s our age when those overstretched ligaments age) you face challenge. She likes yoga because it’s easy for her, and she gets praised. You like yoga even though it’s hard as hell for you, and no one ever praises you.

Till now.

I’m also talking to the people with chronic illnesses (can I get a HELL YEAH from Hashimoto’s peeps?!) or depression, to whom just getting out of bed seems…really impossible sometimes, yet you manage to do it. Maybe not gracefully, maybe not skillfully, but you still show up to your job or your classes or for your family. You’re hurting, but you still get done what needs to get done. You don’t get much praise, either. In fact, people might judge your house (not as clean and Architectural Digest ready as theirs) or you don’t look like a supermodel gliding through the day like a stock photo on Lifehacker.

All of you show up. Whether you’re sick, whether you’re tired, knowing you don’t look ‘cool’ doing it. But you do it. And you know, acutely, many people wouldn’t even think this is worth noticing–their life has different challenges so they don’t see that what they take for granted is a challenge to someone else.

That bendy girl might need that praise in her life–that’s not what brings you to your mat. But you don’t judge her because your motives are different. You show up to do your best, and it is your best, even if it’ll never make the cover of Yoga Journal.

And you probably don’t need my praise, either, my appreciation, or notice, come to think of it. But still, thank you for being awesome. Thank you for having the courage to show up, be vulnarable, fight the fight, even when it seems no one cares.

Pat on the Back


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